23 July 2017

Sad Sunday

Today has been the day from hell.  It started with me staying up way too late, going to bed and getting woken up by a Thunderstorm.  I got back to sleep and then the phone started ringing, it was a weather warning.  Duh, I already knew.  The storm was pretty brutal to our area.  The power went off several times, that causes all of the UPS’ in the house to chirp and that wakes me up as well, because the perceived quiet I have is just that perceived.  It’s 100% deafening silence when the power is out.  You can hear a pin drop, it’s that quiet [remember the old MCI commercial's, that was their slogan]. 

As a result of the above I slept in way too late.  I needed to be up early to do patch testing at work.  Of course there was a problem and when I rolled out of bed at 10:30a I got to deal with it.  Whereas if I would have gotten up early that part would have occupied less of my time. 

By now it’s 11a and I am headed out, work problems resolved.  Then on to Cracker Barrel where I encountered a very long wait line.  I didn’t need that either but it is what it is.  When I was almost finished with my breakfast, my phone went off and of course it was work.  New problem someone needed to install iTunes and there was a client waiting.  I had to woof the rest of my food down and then leave as fast as I could. 

I arrived home by now it’s 12:05p, I fought hard to resolve the iTunes install thing, it was our Anti-Virus that was blocking it.  Turns out the computer was in the wrong OU [Organizational Unit] or bucket for simpler terms.  Getting it moved wasn’t working out like it was supposed to.  In Active Directory it’s quick, but for our AV to sync up with AD that is what takes so much time.  I got a message that all was working, so I left home.  I knew in my bones that I should stay and I waited as long as I could before I decided it was safe to leave.  Presto less than a mile from home and the phone is going ape shit.  I kept on going, I needed my groceries.  From the parking lot of the grocery store I was talking with the Help Desk guy on-call and we did a work around to get things back to working order. 

The grocery store parking lot was oddly empty and it just didn’t make sense to me.  I thought well maybe it’s the heat and people are just staying away.  Nope they had no power.  They were open but you could only buy non-perishable items, nothing frozen or freshly prepared.  Fuck!  I had to go to a 2nd grocery store and pay a higher price, but I got everything I needed, except a good dose of sanity. 

Once I was home I had to kick it in to high gear and get the groceries put away and start on house cleaning.  Then finish up laundry, holy fuck it was 3p and I was t-totally exhausted.  Sweating like no tomorrow and thirsty as hell.  I wanted to jump in the shower but took time to get next to naked and cool down.  That caused me to spend time with Big Boy and the family.  Then I got sleepy and by 4p I was out cold.  Woke up 45 minutes later and back into high gear we went. 

I’m happy to report that everything but the claw trimming got done.  I can get the bulk of the family but Ruth will have to wait until next week.  It felt like today was one of those days where everything I touched turned to shit.  I didn’t want to chance it and thought it was best to delay it by 1 week. 

On the MAN front.  Yesterday I saw a hottie waiter, I’m following him on social media.  I’ve never seen him in person.  Oh my he’s all that and a bag of chips.  The cons here are he’s younger like in his early 20’s younger and he’s into drugs, I see that based on social media.  If I didn’t have that inside knowledge I would have asked him out – if nothing else just to be friends.

The cashier at Cracker Barrel was someone I have a crush on but I didn’t have the time to ask him out, he’s also younger but I am not certain how young.  He’s in management but that doesn’t mean anything.

The 2nd grocery store I saw a guy that used to work at the store I normally go to.  I’m following him on social media as well.  He’s straight but he’s all grown up now, got some killer muscles and he’s an accountant.  If it wasn’t for the straight thing I would be all over that, he’s some grade A 100% beef.

At least I have some fresh hot new porn to watch to quell my sexual desires.

Now it’s time to soak my foot.  It’s my right foot that is out of the blue bothering me again.  I had the issue solved by using muscle confusion and wearing different shoes each day.  That worked for quite a while.  I need to hit up the Podiatrist but that will require $ and I am in savings not spending mode.  If it gets too bad, it won’t matter but for now I am trying what I know to deal with the issue.  All of the stress in my life doesn’t help and it actually feels like a muscle cramp in my foot, so it could all be attributed to the extra stress.  Got to make a sandwich for work and get ready for Manic Monday.  It will no doubt be crazy.

Here’s to what I hope is a great week ahead for all of us!  Take care and be well.

22 July 2017

Is it Saturday Yet?

Yes my Brothers & Sisters, we have made it to the weekend once again.  It’s been wickedly hot in my neck of the woods.  There is no relief in sight but this is typical weather for this time of year based on my location.  I am used to it, but that doesn’t mean my body doesn’t rebel.  I am smart enough to stay hydrated and in doors as much as possible. 

I’ve spent a lot of time on the telephone this week, both at work and home.  I called my friend to check on his cat and see how it was doing.  He talked my ear off for a couple hours.  Then yesterday on the way home I got a call from my friend that was fired.  We talked for well over three hours.  She is brining legal action against her former and my present employer.  I am named in some of the evidence and she told me to expect a call from her attorney.  I have no problem with talking with anyone but I won’t do it without the express knowledge of counsel and HR, as it could be detrimental to my job.  I am happy to help any way I can but I am not going to jeopardize my job, there is far too much that depends on my continued employment.  Plus I’m reasonably happy and that is quite uncommon.

Work has been well work.  I have a list of tasks that I am trying to accomplish, I scratch something off and add something, I thought for sure everything would be done by Friday.  Nope, emergencies keep cropping up and I have to push my list aside so as a result I get further behind.  It’s a zoo and I keep getting compliments on what a good job I am doing and how proud my boss is of me.  I feel important and the sense of a little but not much power, that in and of it’s self is quite rewarding.  However, this all adds a considerable amount of pressure to my job, which has no signs of dissipating anytime soon.  I am also on-call as of yesterday through the 31st.  A wicked stretch of time but I’ll get through it like I always do. 

Today I had breakfast at Steak N Shake, no cute blond cook.  I am starting to think the cute guys have all left that place.  Then I stopped by the eye doctor looked at all of the frames that were ordered.  Sadly they all looked good in pictures but not in person.  They had a frame that caught my eye by Kenneth Cole and that is what I went with.  I found out there is a silicone nose pad option so if they start slipping then I am not sunk.  Afterwards I hit up the post office to grab my latest monthly cologne subscription and some junk mail.  Then home to be with the kids.  I just sat with them browsing my phone.  Then after a while I just put the phone down and enjoyed the fact that I was in their company.  There was no one or nothing to disturb us.  I know that we have a limited amount of time together and I want to enjoy as much of that as possible.  Big Boy’s output has improved with the help of some medication.  I had to love on him and tell him how proud I was of him.  There is no question about it, he owns the couch now.  He’s eating pretty darn good so if he puts all of his weight back on I’ll get my couch back but I much prefer that he stays just as he is.  I did warn everyone that this is claw trimming weekend, they all need it.  What fun for me, not!

I have a few items to place in the mail and then need to think about what is for dinner.  I originally planned on staying in but I’ve got the money, so why not go out and enjoy myself.  It’s one of the few pleasures in life that I have.  Treating myself is totally up to me because there is no one else that will spoil me, at least for now.  I need to stop by the Hallmark store one of the cards I got last weekend is defective, I don’t have my receipt so it might be a challenge but for $3.95 you bet it’s worth my time.  I also am once again in need of cat food.  Coming home and starting laundry, playing on the computer and then finding something to watch before calling it a night.  It’s boring but it’s better than nothing.  I did think about going into the office today but quickly took that off the table.  If I put in overtime to accomplish my regular job it will soon become an expectation and the norm.  I don’t want to set a precedence. 

Sunday will be the usual breakfast, grocery shopping, finishing up laundry and now claw trimming.  Plus dealing with anything that may arise on the work front.  As well as staying cool, eating some good food and enjoying what will be my last day of peace before another stretch of 5 full working days kick off. 

I hope that all is well in your world and that your staying cool this summer.  Funny thing is in Australia it’s winter now.  Each day brings us closer to cooler weather.  Hang in there folks, were going to make it through this!  Talk with you peeps later. 

18 July 2017

Only Tuesday

I’ve been so busy that I would have thought today was Friday.  I’ve accomplished a lot because Monday I was left alone and Tuesday I opted out of bullshit meetings.  I did a good job making up for taking 2 days off.  There are still other things lingering and I will get a shot at them tomorrow. 

Worked with our new guy on an issue today.  I remember not so long ago when it was me that was the new guy.  Anyway, I found out he can’t compose an email that is in my opinion world class to convey feedback on an issue.  He wrote something up while I was watching, maybe he was nervous.  Anyway, it got the point across but it didn’t make him seem like he was fairly well educated.  He’s got a degree, I never went to college and I can write letters and emails that show I am intelligent.  I guess that is a skill that only some people have. 

Did some research over the weekend and found out that I can temporarily change themes on my infotainment system, it’s nice but once you turn the car off it knows enough to go back to factory default.  I thought I stumbled on something awesome but turns out if you want to make the change permeant you need an OBDI cable and software on a laptop to make that happen.  If you don’t know what your doing you will royally fuck up your car and that won’t be pretty.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip back home from the buffet on Saturday and how enjoyable that was.  That is typical activity that me and my late partner would engage in.  Only he would pick a road we wouldn’t have any idea where it came out and then the fun would start.  I didn’t like that game terribly much and even though only one time we got majorly lost, he still managed to get us back home.  That was without GPS and/or a map.  Pretty impressive.  He would get upset when he got lost because he saw it as a mind game.  Me I use GPS so there is no getting lost unless the GPS is fucked.  That’s happened to me but again I have always made it back home.

Speaking of travel, the car seems to be broken in now.  I am getting excellent fuel economy and it’s more responsive or so it seems.  Maybe it’s just the heat.  The AC works like a dream.  I set it at 62 and just drive, it’s like a freezer and I love every minute of it.  I am weird like that but working in a computer room screwed with my internal thermostat and I am not ever going to recover.   

Blood work came back on Big Boy and now his thyroid is way low.  The minimum is a .8 and he didn’t even register that.  So we have to cut his pills in half, oh joy a new task for me.  Then he goes back in a month and gets blood work done, we shall see what happens from there.  He lost a pound so the vet is concerned about that.  If it’s due to activity that is fine but otherwise something is amiss.  I told her how he climbs up on the couch.  Now if I am home he makes me get him down but when I am gone he can get down on his own, he just choses not to unless it’s an emergency.  Like he has to use the bathroom.  I am so proud of him and I love him so much, he’s been through hell and back.  I hope we have a long life together and that he doesn’t drain my wallet much more in the process. 

Got my blood work results and the doctor said it looks good.  However, I need to loose weight and/or cut back in my carbs.  If that doesn’t happen then he is going to up the medicine.  Yeah ok whatever.  I’ll see you in 3 months and let you make the call on what to do then.  Meanwhile, I am living my life and eating what I want.  I’ll try to make a concerted effort but don’t hold your breath.  The lady at the hospital that was registering me told me that I could get rid of diabetes because I have type II so it’s reversible.  I’d love to but there are way too many sugary things that I enjoy one of which is pasta. 

Well it’s about time to go climb the stairs and spend time with the furry family.  Then off to bed and up and at it again tomorrow.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat … makes you wonder how some people managed to ever get out of the shower.  Think about it. 

14 July 2017

Fired–not me

This week started out to be a rough one.  Monday my only good and true friend at work was fired.  It was an abrupt move by her manager because he thought she was after his job.  She posed a true threat but had no interest in his job.  She is very much in the angry and bitter stage and I have spoken with her most every night and what starts out to be a 30 minute conversation goes on for hours and hours.  Last night she called and we talked up till 11p and that is only because her phone battery was about to go dead. 

Last night I learned some horrible things that affect me.  Apparently the lesbian bitch that I was friends with after our falling out, she cornered my friend and was asking questions about me.  I have every reason to believe that she told everyone my business, from the fact that I was gay, who I had crushes on in the office and other details of my personal life.  One thing that was blown way out of proportion was the one guy that I really like who I think is repressing his sexual feelings and identifies as straight.  Him and I had a falling out too but not over sexuality but over the fact that he didn’t consider me a friend.  Anyway, she talked with him and told him how I wanted to be with him and that I thought he was gay and was covering it up.  I never said I wanted to be with him, I said I’d tap that.  However, he’s straight and a co-worker so even if he told me he was available I wouldn’t touch him.  I am highly embarrassed at the thought of who knows what.  Through all of this I found that another person that I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back.  I am not happy about that at all.  It just reinforces that no one at work is truly your friend, they will use you in order to climb the corporate ladder or to gossip about you behind your back.  Fuck ‘em all right in the ass and I don’t mean that in a good or pleasurable way. 

My boss sent me a gift card to a Chinese place, because I have gone above and beyond.  He knows that I am under a mountain of stress and I am dealing with things pretty well, though I do have my moments.  Problem is I am super picky about my Chinese food due to an allergic reaction I had once.  I won’t be using his gift card but I do appreciate the gesture of kindness.  I have it listed for sale on a gift card website and when it’s all said and done I will get $14 for a $20 card.  Not terrible and it’s not like I need the money but I would rather the card be used by someone who will actually enjoy the food. 

In other news as it relates to the job, I feel so awkward like I forgot to pay a bill.  I have an abundance of left over money and I have paid all the bills.  I checked and double checked.  There is the matter that my pay went up but also I got a bonus and there was 10 hours of overtime on this check, so that explains it all.  I have been able to save $1,000.00 and I still have plenty left over to spend.  I am some what overjoyed by this, but hope that something doesn’t come along and rob me of my money, which seems to happen when I get ahead.  Saving money is something that I was really good at as a child but in adulthood it’s a different story.  Somewhere the line shifted and my brother who was the spender became the saver and I became the spender.  I hope this pattern continues and that I can build up a nice nest egg or emergency fund.  There are things that I want that I could spend the money on, but they aren’t essential to live.  If you guess another writing instrument you would be correct.  There is also an updated Radar Detector to better protect me on the road, but the one I have has done a decent job.  Wants are great but needs are much more important and I’ve learned that the hard way, time and time again. 

Thursday & Friday were my days off.  I was supposed to go to the doctor but he cancelled.  I found myself with an abundance of time on my hands.  I did get in some naps.  However, I had to or chose to stay tuned to my phone and monitor email from work.  There were a couple things that came up and I ended up working a bit yesterday and a bit today.  I had plans to visit the buffet on Thursday but scrapped them to stay close to home.  I have plans to go tomorrow and have gassed up Mr. Car in preparation for our trip.

The first order of business tomorrow will be getting Mr. Bear to the vet for his blood work.  He is not going to be a happy camper about that.  I won’t be either but at least I have the cash to pay for the service now, instead of having to charge it and pay later.  I need to get some cat litter and pick up some greeting cards.  Might throw in a haircut for good measure.  Not that I need it but it feels good to be pampered even if it’s just a bit. 

Got my blood drawn this morning, that was not fun at all.  They were right on top of a vein, they had to pull back and aim the needle a bit higher and then advance.  It fucking hurt.  When that was done I asked the technician if I could practice on her.  She was totally serious and said yes, I will give you a crash course if you want it.  I declined.  I am sure there is nothing to it, just like giving fluids to my cats.  It’s just something about needles that I don’t like.  Headed off to breakfast and induced myself into a sugar coma with Blueberry Pancakes.

This evening, I went out for Mexican food.  It was okay but not what I really wanted.  I had a hard time deciding on what it was that I actually wanted and I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just aimed the car in a general direction and that is how I decided. 

I am thankful for the weekend, because there won’t be any email traffic from work and I am not on-call this weekend.  I switched with my boss and I will be on-call for part of next week and the weekend.  It will be our patch weekend so that means I will be getting up super early next Sunday to do testing.  There is also plenty of work piled up and waiting for me when I return.  I had thoughts of going in tomorrow to get a jump on things, but that would mean no buffet trip.  I can’t let this job be all consuming, I have to get away so I quickly talked myself out of that idea.  It will all get done, just not necessarily when others want it done.  I am only 1 person and doing the work of 2 people, but only collecting 1 paycheck.  No sense in stressing or burning myself out, because in the end I will be the one suffering.  I was surprised that I didn’t get any push back from my boss with the bit of work I had to do on Thursday and Friday.  He was thankful and appreciative.  I also got to keep some of my PTO which is good for me, never know when you will need it. 

Finally, the eye doctor called and they can’t get silicone nose pads for my glasses.  I figured out the problem, they ordered the frame too large, so it’s not tight enough to fit my head and therefore the glasses slip.  So we are into the doctors remake.  I found 6 pairs of frames that I like, they were reluctant to order all of them but most of them are coming.  I found out that they order them and what I don’t like they have to send back and they may or may not get credit for them, some pairs might also be nonreturnable and they will be forced to stock them and try to sell them.  I don’t feel bad, with all of the money I pump into that place, plus waiting my time having to make several return trips, phone calls and time to research new frames, I feel like this is the least they can do for me.  The frames should all be in by next Saturday and then I get to go and try to make a decision.  I suck at that, paralyzed by choice.  I’m sure it will all work out fine.

Next week is going to be hard going back to 5 days when the past two weeks have been 3 day weeks.  Not to fret, I have my next doctors appointment in September just after my birthday so there will be 2 more days waiting for me.  Plus there is a holiday which will be nice.  I am more happier about the thought that it will bring us closer to Thanksgiving. 

While there is stress at work, over all I am doing well and the kids help with that a whole lot.  They also keep me on my toes when I am home with them.  Coming to the basement is about the only relief I can get when I am home.  If I am upstairs someone is clamoring for my attention and usually it’s more than 1 at a time.  I hope that I can find some good TV or a good movie to watch.  Laughter is always enjoyable.

So that’s how things are in my world as of now.  I hope things in your world are going well.  This heat has been exhausting and the gas prices were low for a while then they just went back up out of the blue on Wednesday.  Looking forward to getting some bread pudding and to an enjoyable drive tomorrow.  Take good care of yourself and we shall talk again soon. 

08 July 2017


Ah the week is over and it’s once again the weekend!  That short lived two day break between 5 days of work.  There should be more weekends and holidays, but I think that is every working persons dream.

Today I visited my local Steak N Shake where I am a regular for breakfast on the weekends.  I figured I would get a couple Chicago Hot Dogs, my taste buds were all excited and then I learned they no longer have them.  Nuts.  So I ordered a burger and some chili instead.  I asked one of the waitresses where all of the cute cooks have gone.  The main guy I like is on nights.  There is a new blond twink that I have seen once, turns out he was just off today.  So now I know next Saturday that is where I should go if I am craving seeing a cute guy and when am I not? 

I hit up the eye glass place and they dropped the ball on my nose pads.  I did look at a couple of pairs of glasses.  I did some further inquiring and was given a couple websites to check out.  Since my craving is Blue, they said that Nike & Ray Ban are the best two brands where I would find the best selection.  Yeah okay.  Nike is my favorite and I’ve been with them ever since I was told I had to have glasses.  They are supposed to call me about the nose pads.  I really think that if you could get the damn things to stop slipping that I would be happier.  I do have some alternatives in mind that I would like to see in person before I decide to go with a remake.  It’s a one shot deal so I want to be sure I get it right.  Damn Kennedy (the porn model).  I am thirsty for his glasses and I have driven myself nuts and brought a lot of others along for the journey.  I watched some of his scenes today just to see if I could make out the brand name of his glasses.  The camera is close enough but they are just enough out of focus that you can’t tell.  My guess is by now they are no longer made but it would be nice to have a brand name so that I could look at what they have out today.  I can tell that it’s two words and the second word appears to start with a C or an E.  I looked at brand names on-line and can’t find anything.  I don’t give up and in this case that is working against me.  I will either figure it out or die trying. 

Got my check in the mail for my late partners unclaimed property.  That was a whopping $9 but I spent $2 on postage so was it really worth it?  Hey it’s money that was mine so yeah in my opinion it was worth it.  Might as well lay claim and get what your due.  It won’t buy a meal but it can certainly help in the grand scheme of things. 

I watched You Tube videos of Lilly Tomlin today, kind of fun.  Spent time with Big Boy and his siblings.  Then I got in one of my famous naps.  I read this article yesterday on social media that said it’s better for guys to sleep naked.  All sorts of health benefits.  Yeah, I don’t know about that.  They mostly talked about getting laid as a benefit and how being naked helps you be more comfortable and stay cool at night.  I’ve slept naked ever since I met my late partner.  Once and a while I will wear some underwear to bed but naked is actually very comfortable.  The part that sucks is if in the middle of the night there is some calamity and you have to exit your house or motel room, you will give the world a show.  Thus far I have been blessed and really don’t view it as a problem. 

I met up with my friend that lost his wife for dinner.  We went to our usual place, Maggiano’s Little Italy.  He was ogling all over our waitress and telling me all of the things he wanted to do to her.  I told him you can have her, she does nothing for me.  He smiled.  Then part way in to our meal this large family comes in and they have two twinks, oh my what do we have here?  I was staring at them often and so much I am surprised that I didn’t burn a hole in their clothes.  Very cute but I never said a word.  He has always been pretty verbal when it comes to women and sex.  I think a lot of things but don’t say them out loud, at least usually.  If I am all alone I’ll talk to myself but that about it.  Man or woman for that matter wasn’t meant to be alone, simple as that. 

He was quite the talker tonight and we overstayed our welcome.  Reservations were at 5 and we left at 9.  Yeah that is way longer than I wanted to commit to a meal.  I went into it knowing that he likes to talk and knew what to expect.  Once again he has stopped taking his anti-depressants.  He signed up for therapy.  So maybe that will help him.  I hope he gets a decent therapist.  I’ve suggested one thing that helped me, which was to write a final letter to your mate.  Then wait a couple days and read it out loud, as if your reading it to them.  It will evoke a lot of tears but it is healthy and will help in the healing process. He hasn’t taken my advice but I think this might be something that his therapist has him do.  I got the idea when I was in therapy and it was a tough task but I just remember how it helped bring some closure.  I wouldn’t say I am over his death but I have adjusted to living on my own and the huge amount of responsibilities that I have adapted to. 

When we were chatting my vibrator started going nuts.  Yes, I mean my phone.  Turns out there was an issue at work.  I am not on call so no worries.  However, I am on call starting on Monday so it is of concern to me.  I know there will be the aftermath that we will all have to deal with.  Ah well just another day at the office. 

I started my laundry and Momma is throwing a fit because I am not upstairs where I should be.  It’s way past bed time (on a normal night) and I guess I should go up and comply before she meows me to death.  Big Boy is once again on on the couch.  Everyone else is just waiting for me to climb the stairs. 

I have noticed that I am having issues with the car again.  It’s the clock and/or the infotainment system.  I can’t help but think that this all correlates back to the battery.  I’ve been living with it and just cussing about it.  I can go back to get it fixed but will they actually fix it?  I suspect the answer to that is no.  Otherwise, the car is doing really good.  Gas mileage is up around 39 and I even ventured into the 40 range for a couple days.  Some foolish acceleration took me back to 39 quickly.  I am getting used to the car and it’s quirks.  I just wish there wasn’t the hassle with the infotainment system and/or the clock.  One odd thing is that part of the infotainment system knows my phone is an iPhone and the other part doesn’t know at all.  I tried to invoke Siri and they said my phone wasn’t supported for that.  Really, I use that feature all of the time when I am not in the car.  I can convert to Car Play by Apple but my phone would have to physically be connected each and every time when I get in the car.  No thanks, I like the fact that it picks up Bluetooth on it’s own.  I don’t want to be bothered with having to hook up the phone each time, that is much more hassle than I think anyone should have to go through.  That is the one reason why I am eager to get rid of it.  But I think were staying together for a long time.  I am up to 13 thousand miles and I have kept up with all of the maintenance.  I think the regular car manufacturers should do what the luxury car manufacturers do and that is throw in basic maintenance, so you don’t pay for simple things like oil changes and tire rotations.  I mean ideally that is all you should have to do on a new car for a very long time.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day and then it’s back to the fun but only for 3 days.  My doctor agreed to send me an order for blood work, but it’s not here yet.  I am also waiting on my replacement Drivers License.  I really hate the fact that I am so prompt and conscientious of tasks that I have to do but other people aren’t.  I am very much apart of todays society in that I want things to happen instantly with no waiting or delay.  That is not how all of life is, which is kind of sad.

06 July 2017


At work we were all told to check the on-line portal to make sure that our salary increases were reflected after our reviews.  I logged on yesterday and wow was I surprised.  Someone made a large mistake because my salary looked like I won the lottery.  I was faced with a dilemma, let things play out and let my employer claw back all of the money that wasn’t mine OR report it and save the headache.  I chose to report it and save the headache.  Turns out something went wrong with an upgrade that was done last week and everyone’s salary looked like they hit the lottery.  If not reported, payday would have cost my employer a ton of money.  Is there a reward for doing the right thing?  Nope I got a thank you and that was it.  I didn’t report it expecting anything in return, but it would have been a nice gesture.  Considering what a nightmare I saved them from.  So long as my paycheck is correct when it is issued next week I will be happy.  I would rather not give back money once I receive it, then you have the whole tax thing and it would have been a huge mess for everyone.  I think my actions speak much louder than my words and I have clearly demonstrated integrity.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time. 

Work since were talking about it, is busy.  Trying to figure out how to get everything done is a chore in and of it’s self.  Thankfully some of the BS meetings that were on track for today have been cancelled, so that will make my life a bit easier. 

Yesterday was the first day back after the long holiday break and it was difficult to go to bed early and even more difficult to wake up early.  The cats adjusted just fine but daddy well I am still in recovery mode.  Last night I was really exhausted.  Gator slept with me and of course she was a nudge in the middle of the night so I had to remove her from the room.  I also had a large knot in my back.  This morning things flowed a bit smoother than yesterday.  I imagine by tomorrow I will be fully recovered and then we get 2 days off for the weekend. I love time away especially now that I am working harder and longer days. 

When I came home yesterday I expected to see Big Boy on the couch but nope he was still on the floor.  When I left this morning he was on the couch, I haven’t yet had time to check in on them but it’s on my to do list.  I won’t feed him on the couch any more partially because it makes the couch a mess and partially because it cheats Marv out of his fair share. 

Were all moving right along and things are okay for the most part.  A little frustration here and there but that’s life.  Looking forward to the weekend, sleeping in, taking naps, relaxing and probably looking at new glasses.  Nothing really planned per say, which is how I like to operate.  Keep my weekends open and then I have options.  Plan them and they just fly by faster than you can imagine, or so it seems. 

I hope all is well in your world and that things are going your way.  Talk with you all again soon.

03 July 2017

Lazy last day

Well it’s almost the last day, technically that will be tomorrow.  So I got to sleep in late, which was very enjoyable but then again I was up late.  My back is still bothering me and my body is crying out for a massage.  Not sure if I will give into that but it is under consideration. 

I had breakfast at home, got a shower and of course took care of feeding the little fuzzy creatures.  Big Boy sure loves his couch and he clings to it like a baby clings to it’s mother.  Hey if he is comfortable and happy, what more can I ask for, outside of healthier? 

Took a spin to the upscale grocery store, bought Black Cherry Sparking Water.  I was looking for NY Seltzer, which is really good but I haven’t seen it in years.  I had a chilled can of this water later and it’s crap.  I’m taking it to the BBQ tomorrow just to get rid of it.  It’s worse tasting than beer and I enjoy the first drink of a frosty cold beer.  I was wearing my US Flag Pride shirt, where all of the colors are made up of the pride rainbow (before the flag was modified).  The assistant manager, looking all cute went out of his way to say hi to me.  I thought to myself, what do I have a fan?  I kept on moving and nothing more came of it. 

I hit up the pet food store next and was in an out in a flash.  They make spending money so easy, it’s quicker than the grocery store.  Then home to unload all of this stuff.  Then I grabbed a bottle of drinking water that was well chilled and I hit the open road.  A quick stop at the post office, despite not having an email I figured I would check.  Turns out my settlement for my car was waiting for me and I had to sign for it.  So I was really pleased as punch that I listened to the little voice that said, you must stop and check for mail.  Then I was on to the pie place.  All I could think about was Strawberry Hawaiian Supreme, which I found out is only carried in the month of May.  Fuck.  Not happy but what to do.  I ordered a slice of apple alamode.  It was okay but it was no Strawberry.  I had a patty melt and fries for lunch, which was really good.  They make their own bread, it was on marble rye.  No one makes a patty melt like this place.  To go I got a Carmel Silk Supreme and 4 Carmel Pecan Rolls to go.  There was $40 including my meal and soda.  It’s not cheap plus add in $20 worth of gas to go with it.  Now you see why I don’t run to this place every weekend.  Besides that if I did I would look more like the Michelin Man. 

On the way up and the way back I listened to Senator Warren reading me her audio book.  Man this lady has it together and gets where the little guy gets screwed by government, lobbyist and the system in general.  I really like her and for me that is a stretch because I don’t really like any politician, but from the way she speaks and her actions, it really sounds like she is the right person to be in charge of this country.  That of course is my opinion. 

There were a couple issues at work, but I deferred them until I get back on Wednesday.  That will be an overwhelming day and a day where I won’t be looking around wondering what can I do now. 

Much to my surprise I got an email response from the complaint I filed about my drivers license and they are sending me a new license, free of charge.  Wow I am very surprised.  Government doesn’t give away anything for free.  Even if they fuck it up, they charge you to fix it.  So I expect a new license hopefully by the end of next week. 

Once I got back home, I stopped to fill up my tank.  Thank God for Sam’s Club Gas.  They are way cheaper than retail.  Then I went to the upscale car wash, they have ‘hot wax’ and charge for it.  I look to them to wash my car but only sparingly because of the cost.  They used to have the hottest guys but now they are just average.  I did get to look at a nice rump so I was happy and my ride looks sparkling.  The tank is full and were ready to go to the BBQ tomorrow.

Finally I was able to walk in the door, the AC in the car was really doing a damn good job.  It was hot in my house compared to the car.  Big Boy was still on the couch and I decided that I was going to crash with him.  He slept between my legs.  Momma was on my chest until her fat ass daughter Insty came and demanded that real estate.  Then she moved to my waist and we eventually all passed out.  When I came to it was 2 hours later.  Wow, that was a nap. 

Had a TV Dinner for supper, some pie of course and fed the children.  Then I came down to finish up the laundry and play on the computer.  I figured I can finish things up tomorrow in the morning with cleaning the house and prepping for my return to work. 

I almost forgot, I got a call from the Doctors office.  Turns out he will be out of the office next week and we need to reschedule my appointment.  I was pissed.  We had this appointment for 3 months and just now he’s going to cancel.  Fuck that.  I tried to call back but was on terminal ignore (aka hold) and never spoke to a live person.  So I opted to handle things by computer.  I logged into the on-line portal and sent a message asking for an order for blood work in lieu of the appointment, then for someone to schedule an appointment again in 3 months.  We shall see what happens.  I mean the sole purpose of going to see him is so that he can get blood work done.  For that privilege I get to shell out a $25 co-pay and spend my time and gas.  I’m still taking the 2 days off that I have scheduled.  I can hit up the buffet and then get my blood drawn the next day. 

Tomorrow is the big holiday.  I hope that it’s safe and fun.  I won’t be near any fireworks, unless you count the ones that my neighbors have been shooting off since last Thursday.  I would rather watch them on TV, from the comfort of my air conditioned home, instead of out in the hot muggy weather with all of the bugs and creepy people. 

Well off to play on the PC and place an Amazon order.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you again soon.